Gaining clarity and moving to what’s next in your life. Ep: 02

Show Notes

Applying wisdom and training from the book “If your life was a business, would you invest in it?” by John Eckblad and David Kiel, Jerry Bergner takes clients through the steps necessary for a more fulfilling life, job, or dream.

Episode High Lights

  • 5:45 ish – Resistance to coaching and the benefits.
  • 7:54 ish – Profile of class attendees
  • 8:30 ish – This is what pulls people to the class.
  • 11:55 ish – How your mind tricks you in a number of ways so you don’t do it.
  • 15:50 ish – The process is defined by the problem.
  • 22:00 ish – How do you stay on track after the class or seminar and not forget?
  • 25:21 ish – Dr. Joe Vitale – Life’s Missing Instruction Book
  • 27:00 – Music Jerry like
  • 28:00 ish – now 95 years old and reflecting back on this youthful time.
  • 30:39 ish – 1 big take away for Planet BoomerVille.


Big Idea

Life is a series of course corrections.


How to Reach Jerry Bergner

Website: Integrated Life and Financial Planning.


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