Posture- Curved shoulders? Suffering from iPosture or Tech Neck? Ep: 03

Show Notes

Do you like the posture you see in the mirror or as you walk by a reflection in a window? I was having trouble with mine — rounded shoulders, neck protruding, bending forward and achey. Not healthy feeling or the way I wanted to look.

3:30 -ish – Our body analogy with chickens.
4:25 -ish – Typical injuries he works with.
5:27-ish-   What is the process to help with compression?
6:33-ish-   What is Foundation Training?
8:36-ish-  iPosture and muscles that have gone to sleep in most baby boomers.
9:45-ish-  Why stretching backward to counter gravity and hunching over can be bad for you.
11:59-ish – Tip to help posture happen naturally.
12:30-ish – How to maintain balance. Dr. Eric Goodman and “Complacent Adaptation.”
15:00-ish – Daily minimum requirements to get started with Foundation Training.
17:17-ish – Body Integration -what Foundation Training does for your body.
18:00-ish – The one thing to do.
19:38-ish-  Body Integration Part 2.
20:38-ish  – Keep moving.
21:17-ish – Anti Inflammatory diet.
23:30-ish – Anti inflammatory drink recipe.
25:00-ish – Music that moves him.
27:40-ish –  Death and dying.
28:45-ish – As a Vital 95 year old looking back to this time of his youth.
31:00-ish – Final take away.

The Big Idea

Keep moving and set a timer for 3 times per day reminder.





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