What Baby Boomers can learn from millennial financial bloggers with Elle Martinez of CoupleMoney. Ep 04.

Show Notes

The CoupleMoney blog won the 2016 FinCon best family finance blog. This is an episode you may want to share with your adult children.

All times are approximate.

2:20- Purpose of the CoupleMoney podcast.
2:32- The awkward money chat with your spouse.
4:30- Profile of CoupleMoney listeners.
5:20- The Big Question…
6:15-  The basic tenants and building blocks. Start with…
7:45-  Automate finances so it takes 15 minutes a week.
8:10- The next steps.
9:00- FOMO (fear of missing out) and adjusting course.
9:55- Build a financial system that reflects the 2 of you.
11:08- Other financial tools and apps.
14:20- Student loan tip.
16:50- Student loan warning.
18:00- Millennial financial mindset vs. baby boomers.
19:20- Financial Planners.
20:30- Watching our parents. Savings.
22:30- Re-asking the question-What do I want?
23:00- Re-direct money to what matters.
24:00- Real Life University – YouTube.
26:20- Testing your limits. Paying for convenience.
27:00- Millennials practical reality.
28:00-Baby Boomer and millennial differences.
29:19- What can I do to become a little more independent?
30:00- Baby boomers have an opportunity leveraging expertise.

The Big Idea

Be open to new financial tools that will automate and simplify your finances.




John Williams (Sorry, I’m a kid of the 80s, I have to share Star Wars!)


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