What to know about Medicare for pre-65 year olds and those already on Medicare. Ep: 05

Show Notes – All time marks are approximate

2:05- What to do if you are pre-65 years old.

3:40- Who else is eligible for medicare.

4:21- When to start applying for Medicare.

5:00- Penalties for not applying for Medicare on time.

5:36- Penalties are lifetime, not one time.

6:40- Part A original medicare.

7:34- You must apply for Part B Medicare.

11:13- Providers who accept original medicare.

          – amounts written off by providers.

          -when you could be at risk.

12:50- It is our responsibility to verify provider accepts original Medicare.

14:40- Hospitals that do not accept original Medicare.

17:00- Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans

20:05- How do I cover the 20% that is not covered?

21:00 – Prescription drugs and Medicare.

23:00- Benefits of each plan can vary- co-payments.

25:00 Part C

26:00- What to know about Medicare Supplement plans.

          – service areas.

29:30- Traveling outside of the USA.

31:52- Medicare and pre-existing conditions.

34:50- Part D – Pay me now plans.

35:15- Pay me later plans.

39:20- Online resources – can be overwhelming. www.medicare.gov and medicare rights.org

41:30- Should couples have same prescription drug plan?

43:00- Formularies.

44:29- What can trigger higher premiums?

45:45- Benefits for assisted living.

46:40- For those over 65 and on Medicare now.

47:57- Premium increases.

52:41- Services not covered by Medicare.

53:42 – The BIG print giveth, and the SMALL print taketh away.

59:57- How to reach Mike Kalshed.

1:01:01- Final take away for Planet BoomerVille.

The Big Idea

“Education is the best provision for old age.” Aristotle.






Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster. Written by Willie Dixon.
1964 Version with Brian Jones on slide guitar.
– Howlin’ Wolf’s original version for comparison.
– Rolling Stones 1976 Love You Live version.

Johnny Winter – Still alive and well.


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