How to fill the insurance money gaps that Medicare coverages leave you holding the bill on. Ep: 06

This is the 2nd of a 3 part series. Be sure to listen to Episode 05 and 07.
 Approximate Show Note Time Stamps
3:20- Difference between Medicare and voluntary insurance.
4:00- Why other insurance agents bring in Chuck for their clients.
5:25- Unsolicited testimony.
6:30- Example of how a policy can benefit caregivers.
8:00- Defining the insurance coverage money hole.
10:45- Baby Boomer cancer statistics.
12:15- Premiums as you age.
13:28- Pre-Existing conditions.
15:20- Example of caregiver help.
18:15- Group coverages vs. individual coverage.
20:30- If you are not in a group or association.
21:30- Basic coverages to consider.
24:00- Do your homework.
25:20- Music.
27:15- Life pivot point.
29:00- Death experience.
30:00- Final take away.
Big Take Away
Know what insurance policies and coverages you have before you retire or cancel coverages.

The Eagles Hotel California:  Capital Centre 1977

Beatles – Let It Be, live.

Jethro Tull- Live 1970


Chuck Whalen –

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