Living and Dying in 3/4 Time: Life planning that protects you and your family.

Approximate Time Show Notes 

2:00- Dying without a will. The state has a plan for you.

5:35- Dying with a revocable living trust benefits.

6:55- The minimum legal protections baby boomers should have in place before they die.

8:46- Which comes first, incapacity or death?

10:44- Advance directives.

11:19- Next level of legal documents. Who handles final affairs.

13:38- The biggest problem many baby boomers have not planned for.

15:40- What Medicaid pays for.

17:00- Statistics – 70% of over 65 require some type of long term care. $248.00 per day average                  cost.

17:50- Often overlooked benefit for veterans and their spouses.

19:50- Biggest mistake that trips up sound planning.

22:00- Elder law attorneys.

23:31- Real life scenario: Married with 3 adult children: The perfect child; the problem child; the               married child who may be divorcing.

27:00- Responsible adult children.

30:00- The perfect child.

31:32- Special needs children and protections.

35:34- Grey divorce. Pre planning.

37:30- Blended family precautions.

40:00- Committed relationships, not married.

41:55- Unmarried and co-mingling assets. Purchasing a home together.

44:00- About DIY planning to save expenses. You get only 1 chance.

49:17- Is DIY will better than nothing?

49:55- The biggest ambiguities in wills.

60:00- The final thought.

The Big Idea

70% of people in NC die without a will. Your state has a plan you may not like.



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