How Reverse Mortgages will add security your Financial Planner has not told you about. Pt. 1/3. Ep.09.

In this first of 3 episodes, we address Reverse Mortgage myths, define the programs and how they works, and delve into the HECM Line of Credit. You will be surprised.

Approximate Time Stamps

2:15- Three ways to use Reverse Mortgages

3:20- What is a Reverse Mortgage?

5:01- How much money will you receive and how long will it last?

6:09- Factors that determine how much you can borrow.

6:54- Obligations of the borrower.

7:53- When banks can consider you in default.

8:25- Celebrity endorsements.

8:52- Who owns the house?

10:20- Internal amortization rate.

11:13- Can you check your loan balance?

12:58- Can you get out of a Reverse Mortgage without dying?

13:28- Who you are working with.

14:40- TRID, Loan Estimates, and Closing Disclosures.

15:20- Will this be a hardship on the adult children?

15:35- Are the adult children responsible for selling the home?

16:10- Can surviving spouse be evicted from home if not on mortgage?

18:40- New legislation for Reverse Mortgages.

20:30- Do financial planners know about using Reverse Mortgages in their planning?

21:55- Many financial planners seeing that incorporating a Reverse  Mortgage EARLY in can create 90-95% success rate of not running out of money.

23:40- Myth of equity sharing with the bank.

25:20- What if borrower dies within 5 years, do they lose money?

26:22- Types of RM lenders. Celebrity spokes people, call centers.

30:00- How expensive are RM closing costs?

31:00 – FHA mortgage insurance premium.

34:00- When can you get out of a RM?

35:50- Very flexible payment options that you can change as needed.

37:20- You can pre-pay without penalty.

38:41 – Creative ways to use a RM. Is this a loan of last resort?

40:15- Early use in retirement planning.

42:00- Unlike a forward Line of Credit, a RM Line of Credit cannot be canceled.

43:05- RM Line of Credit loan amount will continue to increase automatically.

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In Part 2, we will have Ron’s favorite music, his looking back from age 95, and his death thoughts.

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