Re-Ignite your singing voice for pleasure and health. Ep. 13


Baby Boomers: Re-Ignite your singing for pleasure and health with voice coach Laurece West. Ep. 13

You may have started singing spontaneously many years ago and stopped. Or slowed down. Maybe you never sang, and now singing is creeping up from the back of your mind. It is a new time and singing has many emotional, health, and brain benefits. In this episode we speak of many of those benefits, as well as the energy benefits with Laurece West.

Approximate Show times:

2:00- Some people sing, some do not. Why?

2:50- It’s a human right.

3:40- Families that sing.

5:40- What Laurece has found about those who sing in church choirs.

6:17- The shower is a good place to start.

9:17- What if someone wants to sing Country and Western, Rock, or other genre, does that change?

9:47- Follow the heart, sing what you are passionate about.

10:20- The benefits of singing.

11:47- People want to listen to a voice that sounds good.

12:13- Vocal chords are where grief gets stopped.

14:36- As we begin to vibrate when singing, grief is released, and you will laugh more.

15:15- Sinuses have cleared.

16:40-Heterosexual men socialized out of crying.

18:27- Women have a cry every 6-8 session because of the release.

19:05- It’s different with gay men.

19:50- Watch Mel Blanc documentary, the voice of Looney Tunes characters.

20:20- Make voices up in the car.

20:51- Gay men have more range than heterosexuals.

21:35- Benefits to demential patients.

22:00- Can almost be like psychotherapy.

22:30- You can sing without a teacher.

22:56- Alzheimers experiences.

25:40- How do we start to sing?

26:20- Singing is easier than speaking.

30:00 – Sing to your pets….talk with melody.

31:32- Summary to start.

31:50- Beware of critical feedback.

33:00- A person who is really doing their art will never be critical.

34:32- The more you sing, the better you get.

35:04- Music Laurece listens to.

39:36- Death and dying. Looking back from 95 to today.

43:51- Music as expressing truth and artistry.

45:48- Your voice is a carrier wave.

49:57- One big take away.


Mel Blanc – Man of a Thousand Voices.  The voice of Looney Tunes characters.

Voice and Performance coach Laurece West trains active and aspiring professionals and gospel singers in skills, strategy and mindset to significantly improve their sound, range, flexibility, power, ease, artistry and ability to move their audiences. They learn to sing easily with energy, heart and confidence.

She offers individual and group coaching packages for dedicated singers and monthly workshops for beginners.

You may contact Laurece at:

(919) 383-4876 land line

(919) 627-2845 texts


Morgan James Fooled Around and Fell in Love” 

Anything by Morgan James amazing covers of famous songs and full albums

Nora Jones “Comes Love” 

Laurece West – inspirational folk-jazz-worldbeat.


Anything by Laurece West 

Anais Mitchell

The Wall” -genius songwriter.

Tam Lin  with Jefferson Hamer.

Nikki Yanofsky

Lullaby of Birdland”  and many other stunning jazz covers.

Something New 

The Rascals

It’s a beautiful morning.  

Groovin’ –  

Over the Rhine – I’m on a Roll.

The Glenn Miller OrchestraIn the Mood.  

Thanks for listening. Thanks for turning your baby boomer friends onto Planet BoomerVille.

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