Why Baby Boomers are re-branding themselves for the next 30 years with Marc Miller. Ep. 14

How will you identify yourself in your Third Act?  This could last 30+ years. Will you be identified as “Retired” on your LinkedIn profile and social media? Personal branding is not just for the working. It will help protect your on line reputation. Your personal brand will move you along to your evolving self.

Show Notes and approximate times.

2:50- You have a personal brand whether you like it or not.

3:04- What Jeff Bezos says about personal brands.

3:38- FaceBook is a publishing machine.

3:56- It is now more costly to remove data (reputation) than add more storage (branding).

4:48- Your opportunity to do good extends far past your neighborhood.

5:30- What are the components of a brand?

5:45- You need to control your brand. Killer example of how a DUI was the first thing that showed in         search for a client.

6:30- What do you want to be known for?

7:30- What non-profits want.

8:06- Manage and control the brand.

8:15- Example of how someone changed their personal brand to get into the smart grid.

9:20- Do baby boomers know enough to change their personal brand?

10:09- We were growing and developing at 25, but did we really know ourselves? We morphed ourselves to do what we had to.

11:25- Brilliant example of re-branding.

14:00- If you do not manage your personal brand, someone else will.

15:15- Own your personal URL. Buy your grandkids their personal URL.

16:00 Examples of expanded branding.

16:30- Self publishing to promote your brand and build credentials.

17:54- Re-branding for those not doing anything. His observations.

19:30- You have a 50% chance living until 90. What are you going to do all those years?

20:07- The One Hundred Year Life. We expected 3 stages of life. We now have 3.5-4 stages.

21:30- Longevity data. IBM example.

23:50- Part of your personal brand is to put you in the position to get what you need.

24:50- If working, how to begin creating your new brand.

26:30- Certification to make quilts and teach.

27:15- How someone not working created a new brand and became train engineer and drone pilot.

30:30- What you should first do when determining how to brand yourself.

32:45- Know thy self.

33:00 – Are there reliable statistics for baby boomer financial health?

33:57- Marc’s music and Austin tales.

35:30- Death and Dying – a excellent story of how a friend died.

36:04- Life pivots and moments of clarity.

39:20- How should we expect  work and life to look in our 60’s, 70’s, and beyond?

40:52- What skill do you want to continue to use, and which ones will you leave behind. Talents vs. Skills. Know the difference.

42:00- About Larry Byrd.

42:30- Burnout occurs when you over use skills not tied to your innate talent.

43:00- Go back to your child hood. Be clear on skills and talent.

44:22- Go back to your moments of clarity, both good and bad.


Marc Miller – marc@careerpivot.com
Twitter : @CareerPivot
(512) 693-7132

www.CareerPivot.com is on the Forbes Top 100 Career Websites.

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Simon and GarfunkelMrs. Robinson  Live.

Dire Straits I want my MTV/ Sultans of Swing with Sting.

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