Personal Manifesto – why. now. Ep. 015

We spoke with Marc Miller in Ep 014 about why and how to build your personal brand. Knowing yourself is the foundation of that. And the foundation of knowing yourself may be your Personal Manifesto. Check it out.

  • Before you can personally brand, you must know yourself.
  • The Vikings and Christopher Columbus…
  • What is a manifesto?
  • Examples of manifestos.
  • Speeches and movies can be manifestos.
  • Two brothers…
  • The Holstee Manifesto
  • The Boomer Manifesto creation story.
    Many non-podcasters ask — “how much is it to subscribe?”
  • Do you know a guest or topic that would be right for this show?
  • Planet BoomerVille FaceBook and Twitter evolution.



As I was having my YouTube juke box time, I wandered over to Shakira. The Latin video’s are so different than the majority of US female singers and dancers. Rhythm, music, and down to the basics without 40 dancers on stage. Makes me want to learn Spanish.

Shakira – La Tortura ft. Alejando Sanz 

Shakira – Addicted to You

Yes, definitely “outside the box.”


Be sure to listen to Episode 014 with Marc Miller on why you should create a personal brand.

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