Ending of the first year and what the new year will bring. Ep 016.

Approximate Show Notes

  • Gary Vaynerchuk validation of Planet BoomerVille’s Episode 15, Personal Manifesto.
    Year end ritual. Reflecting on the last year and planning for the new year.
  • What I’ve learned from the first 15 episodes.
  • What I have not mastered for Planet BoomerVille.
  • Do you have an idea you have not launched?
  • Upcoming themes for the new year.
    • Relationships
    • Death and dying.
    • Food and supplements.
    • The Brain.
    • Friendships and social life.
    • Family and personal legacy.
    • Business.
    • Adventure and travel.

Take Aways’s

Do you have an idea that has been following you, tapping from the inside, whispering, “let me out?” You can do it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t bet the farm and your retirement through.

It’s a new year. Make it what you decide it will be with your personal brand and personal manifesto.

Musical Treats and Smilin’ Ears

The Rolling Stones released Blue and Lonesome, a great tribute to the original blues masters that influenced them.   

The lead track is Blue and Lonesome by Little Walter Jacobs. This is the studio outtake. Great intro by one of the Chess Brothers. Read the comments about who is playing with him on guitar.   

Then, listen to Little Walter – Everybody Needs Somebody.  

And if you like the Stones version’s of the songs, check out the liner notes and listen to the originals.

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