2017 Financial Outlook: What to know, what to do now. With Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answer Man. Ep.018

This is a timely and informative conversation that will enhance your finances for 2017 under the Trump administration.  But you need to act now. As Jordan says, “Care and Do.”

There will be 4 additional mini segments coming up on:

  • How to get 6%-8% safe returns.
  • How to payoff your mortgage in 5-7 years.
  • How to sell life insurance policies in the settlement market and why to consider
  • Paying off student loan debt faster and with lower rates.

Show Note Times +/-

01:30 – Jordan’s two main objectives for listeners.

02:02 – What the economic outlook will be under President Trump.

02:15 – Personal Taxes under President Trump.

02:20 – Corporate Taxes under President Trump.

02:47 – About corporate trillions now in foreign banks.

03:01 – Individual tax brackets will collapse.

03:31 – Massive move of money from private sector to public sector.

03:37 – Tax cut and economic history review under 2 Republican and 2 Democratic           administrations.

04:50 – The benefits of lowering taxes.

04:55 – Small businesses and entrepreneurs will keep more money.

05:22 – GDP growth will be 4-5%.

05:30 – Reduce regulations.

06:15 – What will these changes mean for interest rates?

07:09 – Interest rates are the price of money.

07:57 – Mortgage rate forecast – 5.00-5.5% by the end of 2017.

08:50 – How will real estate be impacted?

09:35 – Inventory problem nationally. Prices will accelerate as Trumps policies take effect.

10:30 – How to project real estate appreciation.

12:00 – Stock market prediction – drastically higher.

12:25 – Impact of infrastructure investment.

12:55 – Stock reaction since election.

13:40 – Impact on health care.

19:13 – How insurance companies have been impacted.

20:25 – What type of financial checkup should you do now? Where are the opportunities?

20:51 – What to do first — Pay Attention!

21:09 – No fixed income investments.

21:35 – Commercial mortgage bridge loans.

22:00 – What to invest in the stock market.

22:30 – Insurance coverages to have.

23:05 – Long Term Care insurance.

23:30 – Long Term Care insurance alternative – Indexed Universal Life policy.

25:30 – Estate taxes.

26:15 – If tax rates  drop, change your withholdings.

26:50 – Home equity will grow, and a strategy.

27:15 – Home equity feels good, but….

27:34 – Big problem with baby boomers is have not saved enough. 40% have no savings.

28:20 – The worst social security mistake.

28:40 – Music that moves Jordan Goodman

29:37 – Death and Dying.

30:48 – People need financial help. Especially baby boomers.

31:00 – Interesting university campus experience. Finances is to practical.

33:20 – You must be in the business of “Me, Inc.”

34:00 – Open ears and open mind. Opportunities will come to you.

34:10 – Learn to be a good “Receiver” and a current example.

35:46 -The key word in business success is LEVERAGE with a personal example.

37:40 – ONE TAKE AWAY.

38:00 – The 2 greatest forces in our financial lives – inertia and apathy.

38:11 – Now, Care and Do.


Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Answers Man. 

                                  Voice of America Radio. 


Jordan Goodman Books

Fast Profits In Hard Times  

Master Your Debt 

The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans 

Music That Moves Jordan Goodman

Beethoven’s – Symphony Number 9.   

Handel:  Messiah 

Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 21, K.467 / Yeol Eum Son    

Other Notes

If you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy episode 4 with Elle Martinez of Couple Money podcast.


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If you are a millennial, thanks for telling your baby boomer parents and aunts and uncles.

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