The simple way to break binge eating for baby boomers. Ep. 021.

For baby boomers with binge eating disorders, the real torture is the mental obsession with food that disrupts and controls life. The Big Food Industry has engineered food that pushes your genetic buttons.

Industry and the media proclaims you can’t just stop binge eating. You must  heal your inner child and trauma’s of early life before the binge eating beast can be tamed.

Our guest, Glenn Livingston, PhD., disagrees. He has a method and best selling book that tells you what and how to stop binge eating. He should know. Glenn struggled for 30 years before discovering how to tame the beast.

Later, it occurred to me that Glenn’s technique can be used with any bad habit that you want to break. Listen on.

Approximate show notes

-Exercise bulimia.  (2:40)

-The way you behave and think about food. (4:30)

-For binge eaters, the real torture is the mental obsession and toxic pleasures. (4:40)

-The Food Industry has spent billion$ engineering foods. (5:20)

-Book: The End of Over Eating by Dr. Kessler. How excess salt, sugar, and fat have been added to just about everything. (5:28)

-Making foods “hyper-palatable” (5:43)

-Artificially stimulating the pleasure centers. (6:00)

-The food industry and Addiction Treatment Industry is saying “you are powerless over this.” (6:39)

– You know what to do already. (7:55)

– You must begin your own research. (8:42)

– Baby Boomers grew up in the age of anxiety. (9:45)

– When you over eat, your body has difficulty with emotions. (9:57)

-If you believe you are self medicating with food, you must solve all the underlying problems first. (11:16)

-The 40,000 people study. (11:30)

-His little voice inside said…. (12:05)

-Alternative addiction treatment approach. (12:53)

-The issue is The Lizard Brain. (13:15)

-How to treat The Lizard. (14:20)

-It’s not your underlying problems. (15:24)

-Here’s what Glenn did…So Simple (17:08).

-Every day is a new day. (19:25)

-Listen to what The Lizard is saying. (20:00)

-Music (21:40)

-Wants to look back and know he has helped 10 million people stop binging. (23:08)

The Big Take Away

All you every need to do to never binge again is….Never Binge Again. (24:46)

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