How to get into your best shape regardless of age, weight, or health. Ep. 023.

Baby Boomers, learn how to slow aging, increase longevity, feel better, and have fun doing it. Irish author Jim Kirwan is on a mission to inspire you to be on a better health mission for the rest of your life. 

The exercise beginning are simple and easy to start, even if you don’t think you can. Listen and start doing today.

                                                              Approximate Show Notes

Mission of slowing down and reversing aging. (4:39)

Not just about planned exercising. (7:50)

Unplanned exercise. (8:10)

How to exercise through out the day. (9:20)

Reduce sitting time. The average American spends 64 hours a week sitting. (9:35)

Getting into the mindset. (10:18)

Examples of exercises you can do during the day as you do.

It’s our culture of convenience. (12:40)

Sitting is the NEW Smoking. (14:00)

Canadian study with 12,000. participants. (14:45)

Your Chronological Age vs your Physiological Age. (16:38)

How to increase your Healthy Life Years. (18:02)

We have 6-8 years of low quality life built into those statistics. (18:20)

Delaying or eliminating the 6-8 low quality years.

The Slippery Slope. (19:56)

    Chris Crowley – Younger Next Year

    Can increase life time by the decisions you make and actions you take now.

How do you get into the best shape of your life? (20:57)

The Exercise Basics Formula – B.A.S.I.C.S.

About time and intensity. (26:24)

About dancing. (29:59)

Psychological benefits. (30:55)

Jim’s favorite exercises. (33:45)

The eXercise Factor is more than a exercise book. (36:40)

     4 Key Drivers of exercise success.

Are grass fed non drug meats to expensive to buy? Listen to Jim’s response! (40:00)

The health experts Jim follows. (42:41)

Do you need a heart focus or a brain focus? (44:20)

Jim’s Music. (47:20)

Death and dying. (50:27)

World Health Report. (52:11)

At 95 looking back to youth of today. (54:06)

Final take away. (58:45)


Jim Kiran –  Get America Moving.  

The eXercise Factor 

Contact Jim. 

 Chris Crowley – Younger Next Year

Dr. Hyman  

Jim Kirwan’s Music

Cat Stevens – Father and Son.  

U2- of course. He’s Irish!

Celtic Thunder – traditional and current Irish.

Simon and Garfunkel.

Leonard Cohen.

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