How to Have Great Sex After 50 and 60 with author Joan Price. Ep. 022.

Naked at Our Age may be scary, but Joan Price has insightful and humorous insights that will ignite a flat sex life and take a good sex life to new heights.

Baby Boomers, we grew up with Make Love Not War, Free Love, and Love the One You Are With. But that was four plus decades ago and so much has changed with our bodies, medications, and perhaps relationships.

What is the new call for Baby Boomers who want to continue and evolve the pleasure that sex is. Author Joan Price, has the answers. And you will smile as you listen to her. Maybe even laugh out loud.

Show Notes and Approximate Times

What is senior sex? (4:00)

The alternative to getting old. (4:35)

What is sex now? (5:03)

Sex is a huge buffet. (5:20)

How Joan began to write about sexuality. (6:25)

Has reviewed over 100 sex toys from a senior perspective. (8:20)

The dangers of “knock off” sex toys. (10:55)

Together, but different, frees us. (16:02)

It is important what we are not doing, it is important what we are doing. (16:10)

Sex, longevity, and fulfilling relationships. (16:32)

Frequency. (16:42)

One partner has given up or has no interest in sex. (17:30)

Two major baby boomer sexuality myths. (20:30)

The MAIN myth we tell ourselves. (22:05)

Creating a new mythology. (22:35)

Committee to a sense of adventure. (23:22)

The 3rd most important trait. (23:43)

Funny story about a husband and wife who wrote in to her blog. (25:10)

Go on a journey of exploration for what works for both of you. (26:52)

Scheduling a time to talk. (29:20)

Scheduling a time to have sex.

Mental foreplay. (31:04)

Summary of the Greatest Sex Tips. (32:38)

See sex as a new world that is opening up. (33:22)

Music that moves Joan.

Death and Dying.

Looking back from 95.

Joan’s Final Take Away for you.


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