How Your Money Type Impacts Your Life. With Jordan Goodman. Ep 024.

Understanding the why of past financial decisions will help you make better future decisions.

Baby boomers, how are you doing in your finances right now? Are you happy where you are, sad, or wondering what happened? Author Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, explains the six money types, the influences that created this money type, and most importantly, how to understand and what to do next.

Show Highlights

It all begins with….
Be the very best you are in the type you are.

-High Rollers – optimists, entrepreneurs.

-Strivers – Hard working to make things happen.

-Squirrels – Extremely conservative and worried. Avoid risk. Penny pinch.

-Ostrich- Money will take care of itself…somehow. I’m an artiste, I do not do money.

-Debt Desperado’s – Not afraid of debt. Will invest in more debt to get out of debt.

-The Coasters – All seems OK. Until something comes up, like retirement or kids going to     college.


Book – Master Your Money Type 

Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Answers Man.   

See Episode 018 for Jordan’s complete interview on what to expect in 2017.



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