The baby boomer Retirement Manifesto with Fritz Gilbert. Episode 25.

While planning his early retirement, Fritz Gilbert decided to start blogging about his thought process and the planning mechanics. As he wrote about the financial aspects, he found he was spending as much time writing about retirement life purpose and focus. Don’t visit his blog though. You will get caught up in interesting stories and lose time, just as I did, while writing these show notes the morning of publication.

Approximate Show Times

How much do you need to retire. (4:00)

What is a safe withdrawal rate? (4:50)

The key is to get a good estimate of what you will spend. (5:20)

Flexible spending is the word. (6:50)

The first objective is to try to have the lifestyle you really want to have. (7:50)

Rental property not on his list. (10:40)

The dismal baby boomer financial stats. (12:50)

The preacher and his wife were broke at 50 and retired at 62. How they did it. (17:00)

Questions from his blog readers. (19:21)

What already retired folks say about planning and the money. (19:50)

Having a purpose. (25:25)

All my friends are dead. I’ve out lived them. (27:00)

Top baby boomer retirement fears. (28:50)

***Love letter to wife each year with an addendum. (30:14)

Just try something. (33:15)

If not retired yet. (34:40)

The blogs and podcasts Fritz follows. (39:40)

Thoughts on minimalism. (42:58)

Fritz’s Music:

Boston, Bob Seeger. And a little bit of Ted Nugent.

On Death and Dying.

Life Looking Back From 95.

The Big Take Away

Every year, Fritz’s writes an addendum to his love letter to his wife. In it he has:

  • What and where all the passwords are to his accounts.
  • Who to call first.
  • What specific steps to take 1-10+.

It is detailed, and will be a real gift to his wife and daughter.





Wade Pfau.


Boston – Don’t Look Back.
Bob Seegar – Against the wind

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