Kirk’s early retirement decision while walking the Appalachian Trail. Ep. 26

Boomies, this is the first episode of a recently retired and living the dream of their outdoor adventure retiree. Kirk Eaton was a type A+ personality who was burning out and had to take a walk in the woods to clear his head. He chose The Appalachian Trail, for a six month through hike of 2,190 miles. When he returned, he had a clear head and decisions made. Listen on as Kirk tells the decisions and experiences along the path to retirement and life along the AT and Pacific Crest Trail.

How the retirement decision came about. (3:11)

Lot’s of weight crushing in. (3:46)

Decided to start living on their chosen retirement income for 2 years. (4:20)

Preparation for the Appalachian Trail. (7:10)

The evolution of thought as he walked. (9:30)

Shaking the Superman Syndrome. (10:25)

Realizing he was designed to fly. (11:19)

What happened after the weight slipped off. (13:05)

The laughter and engagement of the present. (14:26)

To hike six months, plan on $6,000.00 budget. (16:01)

What happened when he returned to work. (16:25)

Their decisions and concerns – financial and physical health. (17:01)

14.3% of hikers finish the AT. How this relates to retirement. (22:36)

Trail names – OB = Old and Busted. (23:59)

Preparing for the Pacific Crest Trail (24:35)

Two types of hiking – Through and section. (25:40)

Not about age on the trail but about interests. (29:55)

Kirk’s favorite question to ask other hikers that led him to a place not on his radar. (30:48)

Kirk’s favorite music. (32:50)

Death and Dying. (34:31)

Looking back from 95 years old. (35:40)

The Triple Crown. (36:37)

Kirk created an Instagram account for this interview: Retirement_Outdoors. (37:40)

Final Take Away – Don’t take everyone else’s blueprint. (38:38)

Kirk’s Resources

His Instagram

His FaceBook


Boston- The first album.

Bob Seeger


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