If I had only asked 45 years ago… Ep. 27

It was 45 years ago. I remember being at my Great Aunt Helen’s house and walking through it as a young 20 something. I wanted to ask about Great Uncle Johnny who had passed away 10+ years prior. He was a WW1 vet and entrepreneur.

I choked though. I was afraid I would make her sad or hurt her feelings and did not ask. As if it was being disrespectful.

Then, I did not know that asking about a loved one long gone, would bring the memories and blessings of past times back to her, and to great Uncle Johnny.

I will teach my children and grandchildren to ask insightful questions about the dead and gone. And to video record the answers while they are still available.

Listen to this short awesome episode for the rest of the story.

The photo is not of my Great Aunt Helen Prowse. Searching for some of those. It is of my grandmother Mary Cahill Kohn Cronshey, around 1908. The caption gives more details.


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