Part 2 – If I had only asked 45 years ago. Ep. 28.

This is the follow through episode on visiting my Aunt Marilyn Kohn and recording  a video of Kohn Family history, beginning with her growing up, her parents, high school, college, meeting Uncle Rudy, meeting Grandma Mary Kohn and moving forward to today and what she is looking forward to.

We recorded 12 segments from 9 to 25 minutes each on Friday and Saturday morning.

It was amusing how one memory, or question, triggers another, much like a pin ball machine in your brain.

As you may guess, the best questions and answers occurred when the camera was not rolling.

For instance, I asked her about the secrets to a long and happy marriage (hers was 47 years) on Friday night after shutting the video off and sipping a glass of wine.

Her answer would have been an immediate viral sensation and Aunt Marilyn would have been a media star if on camera.

On Saturday, asking the same question, received a subtler and tamer answer. Entertaining, but not the same.

While recording, my son, David, Face Timed in from afar, which was a treat. Far different than when Uncle Rudy was on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin and communications was by US mail which took 14 days.

I also taught Aunt Marilyn how to FaceTime. If you have not taught your older relatives how to do this, try it.

Final lessons from my writing Chuck Berry about being a guest on Planet BoomerVille, and how you can apply this lesson to your life.

Planet BoomerVille is for Baby Boomers and is about being Stellar and Living Life Lively. That means Baby Boomer brain and physical health. Baby Boomer family relationships, love, sex, and romance. Making new friends. Appreciating old friends. Lot’s of music, new and old. It is about new life beginning and adventures. Planet BoomerVille is about embracing the future and making your now as big as your past. Maybe bigger and even better. Why not? Why not you?

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