Increase contributions, reduce taxes, reduce fees with a QRP. Ep. 29.

When it comes to your retirement and money, how do you keep more? Is there a way to reduce investment fees? How can you really catch up fast, or make a major addition to your retirement accounts? How can you reduce taxes?

A Qualified Retirement Plan may be the answer for you.

Damion Lupo is president of Total Control Financial, a firm who’s goal is to disrupt Wall Street by empowering and educating individual investors to take more control of their finances.

Is there a danger? Of course! You must know yourself, and be confident. There is a wealth of thought provoking conversation here.

  • Spin jobs by Wall street (3:20)
  • Most people do not want to think about it. (3:50)
  • How much does it really cost investors each year? (7:30)
  • The Guide to Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) (8:52)
  • The difference between a Self Directed IRA and a QRP. (10:18)
  • Contribution differences. (10:50)
  • Does QRP applied to those NOT self employed? (12:02)
  • Tax Benefits. (13:35)
  • The down side of QRP. (15:26)
  • It takes education. (16:18)
  • Will you deal with the devil you know (Wall Street) or the devil you don’t know (You)? (20:11)
  • Green and Red Arrows of wealth story. (20:49)
  • What is wealth- cash in the bank or cash flow? (23:00)
  • Reimagining your relationship with money. (24:00)
  • 6 Guiding Principals of Total Control Financial. (27:04)
  • Final Take Away. (32:20)

Damion was a guest on Episode 19. Be sure to listen to this show. You’ll find out about his music, looking back from 95, and thoughts on death and dying.

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