FloydFest, new traditions, defeating loneliness, and Intergen connectivity. Ep. 30

This episode begin’s as a ritual overview of a 11 year FloydFest tradition among music pals. There is a more important message further along that could be a solution to the long happy life issue’s we hope to face. Unless you die young and stay pretty.

– The FloydFest ritual overview.

– What new traditions can be created? (6:30)

– Official UK stats on aging and loneliness (7:11)
      -TV or pets are main form of companions
      -12% feel trapped in their own homes
      – more women than men feel lonely.
– Can we cross pollinate friends?
– Baby boomer anti-loneliness awareness- staying connected with our children friends.(8:41)
– Inter-generational connectivity is part of our future.
– Loneliness is statistically on the horizon….let us plan now.
– Big dating tip for single boomies. (10:20)
– Gatherings – who, what and when.
– Gathering ideas.

– Beat the UK statistics.

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