You are not your thoughts with Suzy Rosenstein. Ep. 31

#Baby Boomers Beating MidLife Funk and Standing on the Ledge of the Regret Zone. Remembering your dreams of who you want to be. What would you do if you won the lottery? Fun and change provoking conversation with Suzy Rosenstein.

– Feeling frustrated, stuck, and stagnant. (2:35)

– Do people know they are in a funk? (3:00)

– You may not recognize your funk.

– Just been so busy the last few decades. Not thriving. On auto-pilot.

– Dreaming and the part it plays. (5:37)

– Based upon Mindfulness. (6:20)

– Awareness of the thinking (7:00)

– Our results prove our thoughts every time. (7:22)

– The Great Gazoo (8:30)

– Thoughts are just sentences in your mind. (8:46)

– Example of weight loss and mom in law. (11:00)

– Take an approach of fascination. (15:10)

– What your mind does to you without your permission. (16:25)

– What would you do if you won the lottery? (20:00)

– Remember a time when you were envious, and the story.

– Opportunity list vs bucket list. (25:40)

– Creating memories and regret proofing. (29:00)

– Being intentional.

– Life regrets – not making more time for friends. (32:10)

– Listen to your excuses.

– Change something. Start small.

– Final take away. (44:50)

– Music, death and dying, and looking back from 95.





Empty Nest Blog:


Chuck Mangione – Sun Shower

Blood Sweat and Tears – Spinning Wheel  

Frank Sinatra –You make me feel so young.  

Mel Torme – Wave.  


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