Have a life adventure while you still can – Jim Palmer. Ep. 33.

Make decisions, but not “no decision” decisions. What happens when you “just say yes.” Downsizing to a big boat after 29 years in same home.  4 decision hinderances. You always know the right answer. And much much more.

– His coaching clients asked him to write this book after giving story 3 times at his live events.

– Mr Wonderful, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington wrote forward. (3:32)

– It’s a mindset; not about manifesting.(5:02)

– Mindset or positive mental attitude? (5:39)

  • It’s what you decide to do in the circumstances (6:12).
    – By our 50’s and 60’s most decisions are made unconsciously- how do we make more aware            decisions?
  • Jim and Stephanie’s big decision (7:06)
  • If you live your life every day the same way for 75 years, did you really live a full life? (7:18)
  • We need to have an adventure while we still can outside our comfort zone. (7:58)
  • What happened when they said “yes.” (8:25)
  • #Hunter S Thompson –  “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” (8:38)
  • Decision process-downsizing after 29 years. (9:19)
    • Grand Kids.
    • Being close to grand kids.
    • Must live our own lives.
  • Jim’s back story with cancer and challenges. 12:20
    • Ultra clarity on how short life can be.
  • Decide, but not a “no decision.” (13:00)
    • What’s wrong with “no decisions.”
    • Not every decision should be fast.
  • You always know the right answer. (14:30)
    • The mind knows. Emotions take over and it gets cloudy.
  • Building a dream life. (16:00)
    • You must act.
    • Fighter pilot story.
  • Top 4 Decision Hinderances from his book (of 18 possible).
    • Be immune to criticism.
    • Decide to be authentic.
    • The imposter syndrome.
    • Taking out the trash.
  • Music (27:06)
    • Kiss, Aerosmith, Creedance CR, Country,
  • Death and Dying. He’s been there.
  • Looking back from 95. (31:00)
    • We just said YES.
    • We do not want to live with regrets.
  • His new book – Just Say Yes.
  • Gene Simmons, Me, Inc. story.
  • Get a FREE copy of Decide. (36:00)
  • Final Take Away



John Fogerty and Bob Seeger – Who’ll stop the rain  

Aerosmith – Train Kept A-Rollin’ – Live 1976 Pontiac  

Chris Janson – Buy Me A Boat  

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