Business basic “must knows” when starting your venture, with Sylvia Inks. Ep 34.

If you have thought about starting a baby boomer business venture, small, medium, or large, this episode gives you the building blocks for a smart stressless start so that you avoid the “Oh Crap” moments.  Sylvia is the author of “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur – Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business”

  • What experiences triggered the book? (2:00)
           Story of couple whose business looked good on the outside.
  • Simple steps taken upfront that will protect business and retirement. (2:56)
  • Mistake of not separating business and personal funds. (4:25)
  • 2nd Big Mistake – no budget.
  • Budgeting for the one time yearly expenses. (6:20)
  • Often can be losing money on products and services. (9:15)
  • Other business owners will share information with you. (10:35)
  • Major Points in starting your business (11:40)
  • Creating an LLC gives an extra layer of protection. (16:30)
  • What to do for beginning venture- blogger, writer, artist. (17:40)
  • Two important items to account for in your budgeting. (20:18)
  • 2 Big Mistakes for Established Businesses. (22:00)
    • The solutions to the mistakes.
  • Virtual Assistants in US and abroad. (24:00)
  • Beating the tax prep overwhelm. (27:53)
  • “Oh Crap” Moments (31:16)
  • Music. (34:20)
  • Death and dying. (36:15)
  • Looking back from 95. (37:30)
  • Final Take Away – 10 Step Check List On Line.




Virtual Valley  


Steve Miller – The Joker  9/26/1976 – Capitol Theatre
Eagles – Take it Easy Live 1977   

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