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Easy Ways To Making Your Mind Magnificent with Steven Campbell. Ep 35.

You’ve read about the power of your subconscious mind and how it impacts your decisions and life perspectives. You know that it runs on automatic most of the time. In this interview with author Steven R. Campbell, you will listen to stories that illustrate the principals and learn the basics of mind influence that will surprise you. Do not be fooled because they sound to simple. Use Principal 1 and 2 for the next week and observe the changes.

Approximate show notes:

– How teaching math caused him to research the mind. 2:10

– What holds us back from learning or changing. (4:34)
– Can baby boomers at 55+ relearn and change? (6:47)
– How you learn (7:10)

– Stories (10:10)

  • At 91, Rick said one thing to his wife of 67 years that made a world of difference.
  • Steve’s family experience.

– Why your brain does not care what you tell it. (15:00)

  • The “C” math student story.

– When does your old life end? (20:19)
– Making your mind Magnificent. (22:00)

  • Principal #1
  • Principal #2

– What happens when there are mental conflicts? (27:20)

– Our feelings about our selves do not come from our childhood. (29:00)

  • It is about what we “believed” about an event.

– Two stories about the same “Jim.” (30:10)

– Another view of “bad childhoods.” (32:00)

– How to unwind negative thoughts. (33:29)

– Story about his wife Mary, and a parent teacher meeting. (33:52)

– Because the brain believes what you tell it, you are not the Victim. You are the        perpetrator.

– **How to speak to your self when you make a big mistake. (36:25)

– The Effort Effect – we pass over our successes to quickly…and dwell on our               failures. (40:00)

– Where does mediation come in to this? (44:10)

– Your mind as a mentor. (45:20)

– Learned optimism. (47:20)

– Story of when his wife, Mary, was diagnosed with cancer. (48:20)

– Music – 53:40
– Death and Dying
– Looking back from 100.

– Final take away.


Book: Making Your Mind Magnificent

Dr. Albert Ellis – The Guide To Rational Living.
Dr. Ramachandram – Phantoms of the Brain


Joan Baez – North Country Blues 

                     Farewell Angelina  

                     Full concert, 1965. 

Peter, Paul, and Mary – live concert.  

Kingston Trio – Andy Williams Presents 1966 

Perry Como – Magic Moments  

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