Getting started on your first book with CoupleMoney. Ep 35.

Do you have a book that is just waiting for you to begin? My father did. I gave him a blank book so that he could start. I found the book when he passed with the original note that I wrote him on Christmas, 1973.

If your book is still inside you, listen to Elle Martinez of and podcast as I ask her to pull back the curtain and tell you the process she is going through now as she is writing her first book.

Approximate Show notes

Types of book publishers. (3:45)

What the publisher is doing. (3:53)

Publishers time line. (4:36)

The hardest part. (6:09)

Jump Start Your Marriage and Your Money. (6:47)

Most difficult part of writing. (7:30)

The second hardest part of writing. (8:16)

Writing a book is different than writing a blog post or podcast script. (9:09)

Begin with a great outline. (10:41)

Scrivener – tools for writing. (11:00)

What the publisher did to assist. (11:25)

The book cover process. (13:43)

Which book formats to publish? (15:44)

Where’s the money? (16:55)

– Advances.

– Royalties.

Average author sells 5,000 copies. (17:40)

Self publishing money. (18:00)

How promotion works. (19:00)

Another publisher benefit. (19:40)

The work begins again after publication. (20:30)

Backend monetization. (22:00)

About CoupleMoney podcast. (24:20)


You can find Elle’s choices of music, death and dying, and looking back from 95 on Episode 04.

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