Putting hypnotherapy to work in your life today w/Rene Brent Ep. 39

If you are not controlling your mind, someone else is. Our mind, and the subconscious, is the last frontier we can have an immediate impact on that will change our lives. This is a knowledge packed episode you will love.

Pay special attention on how to use this knowledge to positively impact your grandchildren and adult children.

-The difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. (2:30)

– What you get to when you reach your sub conscious mind. (5:20)

– How you use it.

– Your body is the emotional GPS. (7:13)

– Are you a procrastinator? (8:05)

– We are re-booting during sleep. (11:10)

– It is not our age – it is a build up of chemicals.

– Tip for morning wake ups. (12:53)

– Attitude does not work when in survival mode. (14:40)

– What happens in a hypnotherapy session? (15:15)

– There is a first time you felt that way. (18:30)

   Stopping the echo from the past.

– We cannot out think our history. (20:50)

    50% of what we remember is not true.

– How to find a local hypnotherapist. (24:00)

– Hypnosis and Forgiveness. (29:00)

– Gratitude + Fear; Gratitude + Anger. (30:45)

– Awareness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Acceptance. (31:00)

– How to get from the intellect to action? (32:00)

– If you find yourself feeling………you need hypnotherapy. (34:24)

– Beating the vicious cycles of relationships and life. (36:00)

– Relationships – “What did you hear me say?” or “This is what I heard you say.” (38:00)

  – Big tip when speaking in person.

– The most difficult wall baby boomers must get through. (40:50)

– How to apply this knowledge to our grand children? (43:28)

– How to apply this knowledge to our adult children? (46:10)

– Music – 48:30

– Death and Dying

– Looking back from 95.

– Final take away.




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