Profitable fun franchises for baby boomers w/Dan Farnsworth. Ep 40.

As the Third Act is upon us, Boomer Income Ideas explores and vets suitable franchise investments for baby boomers with a Shark Tank mindset.

-The trigger that created Boomer Income Ideas (1:24)

-What are the criteria for the businesses being featured? (3:23)

– A one man panel in a Shark Tank format

– Not the expert, just the catalyst.

– All franchises have a degree of fun in them. (6:15)

– What is the typical investment required? (7:35)

– Fun episodes – Cruise Planners and Pedego. (7:35)

– Dan’s take on the online business space. 13:28

– What Dan would buy if he was starting today.

– Dan’s Music- Neil Diamond

– Death and Dying

– Looking back from 95.

– Dan’t final take away. (21:20) A reference back to earlier episodes.


Two Favorite Episodes

Cruise Planners


Favorite Music

Neil Diamond –

   Crackling Rosie 

   Sweet Caroline

Thanks so much for listening.

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