What you must know about supplements w/Dr. Stephen Lewis. Ep. 41

Vitamin supplements are every where. How do you know their quality and effectiveness? Can you rely upon the big box stores and brands to deliver quality digestible supplements?  Listen as Dr. Stephen Lewis and wife Janet give a starting point to evaluate, explains the difference between pharmaceutical grade and over the counter, dives into independent lab blood tests, 3 panel vs 12 panel blood testing, and much much more.

– Vitamin brands, the 10,000 foot view.

– How do you know your body is absorbing the supplements?

– Pharmaceutical grade supplements.

– Counterfeit supplements.

– Buzz words to avoid – Gluten and GMO free.

– Natural health food store quality supplements.

– GMO impact.

– Observations in China. Perspective realized when back in the USA.

– Low cost independent lab blood work.

– As Americans get fatter and sicker, the parameters expand to make everyone normal.

– Evidence based supplements and results.

– No overnight miracles of what took years to occur.

– Music

– Death and Dying.

– Looking back from 95.

– Final take away.




NY attorney general targets supplements.

What’s the story 2 years after supplement investigation?

Time Magazine – The Commonwealth Fund report.

Digging deeper into the Commonwealth Fund Health Rankings.


Willie Nelson –

Bring me sunshine. 

Nothing I can do about it now.  

– I Love the Life I Live. 

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