Greying and Grateful with Nicole Christina Ep. 43

Informative fact based interview on how our attitudes affect our positive aging and longevity. Nicole has excellent easy tips to ease into Greying and Grateful.

– The Mindset – avoiding corniness.

– The Harvard Study of Adult Development

  – Principals behind Positive Aging

  – We have more control over how we age than we think.

  – Add 7.5 years to your life.

– Treat yourself at least as well as your dog.

– Activating the Vagus nerve.

– On being mammals and operating on outdated software.

– Gratitude – not the corny kind, but the quirky.

– Life is Brutiful.

– Managing the losses.

– What brings you back to yourself?

– Addicted to the smart phone.

– Generativity – giving a gift to people that you will never see the positive effect of.

– Music

– Death and Dying

– Looking back from 95.


George Vaillant- The Harvard Study of Adult Development

The Vagus Nerve.



Opera – The Marriage of Figaro   

B-52’s – Dead Beat Club  

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