Yoga insights & refresher for baby boomers. Ep.42

As we grew up, yoga was the new fad, and it is still going strong. Listen as yogi Michael Kohan, updates us on the benefits of yoga, how to select a good school and teacher, yoga etiquette, the social side, the end purpose of yoga, and much more.

– Being a male in a female industry.

– His struggle with yoga.

– Pitfalls of being a male in female classes for 10 years.

– Is there a dating advantage for single boomers in a yoga class?

– Where does the beginner begin?

– Can you do yoga if overweight?

– How different from stretching?

– How should a new attendee come to class?

– Part of yoga is unlocking the database of your body.

– When you are doing something uncomfortable, that is the practice.

– Should you have a end goal in mind?

– The physical condition of typical new student.

– How people injure themselves.

– How yoga mends your body.

– Yoga and mental health. Also see Episode 35 with Steven Campbell and Ep. 39 with Rene Brent.

– Balance and shoes.

– Yoga etiquette.

– What is the purpose of yoga?



Grateful Dead – Jack Straw

Really Good Yoga Groove Music:

Dub Sutra – The Rise of Downtempo  

Desert Dwellers 

Shabda Hari Das – Illuminize  

Wah! – Jai Ma

Grish – Remix Album  

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