Two New Binge Eating Breakthroughs w/Glenn Livingston. Ep. 44

Glenn Livingston is the author of the best selling book, Never Binge Again. Review Episode 21 for the foundation of this conversation.

#1- Make a character commitment.

-The opposition of will power and character building

-Will power is a fatiguing muscle.

-The solution – make a character commitment
about the person you would like to be.

-NOT rules based.

-The type of person we have decided to be.

-Character trumps will power overtime.

-Translate rules for healthy eating into the kind of person you would like to be.

-The voice in your head says you always failed in the past.

-Wayne Dyer’s analogy of a boat wake.

-Make the decision before hand.

-Avoid being in the moment making spontaneous decisions.

-At the moment of temptation, the lizard brain takes over.

-The moment wins.

#2- Mindfulness is enhanced by discipline.

-The rules are a hack to observe the monkey mind.

-Freedom sits on top of discipline.

-Mindfulness is a discipline.

Be sure to listen to the original foundational episode 21.

You can find out more about Glenn’s music, thoughts on death and dying, and looking back from 95 in Episode 21.

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