Learn How to Interpret Media Bias w/John Daly. Ep. 45

We live in a biased world. Media outlets all have their own bias. Print publications do too. Much of the news is entertainment based, driven by declining profits. Learn as John Daly of www.InformedNotInflamed.com educates you as to the types of biases, where to find balanced information, and how to interpret what we hear and read.

– You must become the most important journalist in your life.

– The ROIL system – read, observe, interview, learn.

– Go to newspapers first.

-Third Way


– Biased channel do have excellent reporters.

– NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

– About the first five paragraphs.

– Subscribe to The Economist – European with a different perspective.

– Develop your filter and understand bias.

– The Entertainment and Sports Bias.

– Political news sources:

  House and Senate sites.

  Real Clear Politics.

  The National Review.

  Talking Points Memo

– Social Media is not sourcing information.

– John has observed that those with the most information and knowledge speak less and listen more.

– About Niche Biases – Baby Boomers and millennials.

– Older experienced RePorters being replaced with younger ReCorders.

– The Political Money Bias.

– Pharmaceutical Bias and creation – book to read.

– Special Interest Politics bias.

– Hospitals and Physicians taken over by Wall Street.

– Music –

– Death and Dying

– Looking back from 95.

– Final take away – Understanding what the problems are.

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