Functional Fitness for Baby Boomers with Jim Owen. Ep. 46.

At age 70, Jim Owen decided to make a change in his physical condition and activities. Today, at 76, he is in the best shape of his life. National Geographic is publishing his new book, Just Move- A New Approach to Fitness. Unlike most other exercise book, this one is for the 50-60-70+ year old.

– What statistic caused Jim to change his ways at age 70.

– Is it Living Longer or Living Healthier in the time we have?

– The downward spiral. What to expect in your 60’s-70’s -80’s.

– What is Functional Fitness?

– Chronological age vs. Physical age.

– How is this exercise book different from all the others?

– Getting fit is hard. Staying fit is fun.

– “Youth has no age.” Pablo Picasso.

– Winning at life.

– The Ultimate Work Out Rule -> Be Present.

– Breathing.

– Posture.

– Five Basic Exercises – all can be done at home.

    – Core.

    – The Squat.

    – The Lat Pulldown.

    – The Hip Hinge.

– How do you make exercise fun and not a chore?

– Music – Motown, Elvis, Everly Brothers, George Strait.

– Death and Dying – My best days are ahead of me.

– Looking back from 95 – “I never look back.”

– Married 49 years. His wife says “ Divorce never, murder maybe.”



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