Understanding how scammers scam us w/Curtis Bailey. Ep. 47

Clever scammers rob billions from innocent people, including our parents, and yes, perhaps even us. Learn the tricks and emotional buttons they push to cause smart people to open their bank accounts.

– 43 of 44 scams not reported.

– Where do scammers come from?

    – Most in our back yard.

    – Family on Family is the most common and unreported.

– How does it all begin?

– The emotional buttons.

– Scammers are well networked and pass on one victim’s name
onto on the dark net of scammers.

– Scammers find the emotional button and push until emotion over rides reason.

– Five Big Emotional Buttons: Fear, loneliness, anger, greed, sympathy.

– Examples of scams.

– Children must ask themselves- “are my parents lonely?
– Do they have any new friends not telling me about?

– The parent-child roles are now reversed.

– Things to notice: changes in dress habits; unexplained expenses.

– You must question your parents, because the scammers are- “don’t tell your children,” and        “they don’t love you.”

– Scammer profile.

– Top Scams – Grandparent, Lottery/Sweepstakes, IRS, jury duty.

– Facebook settings when software updated.

– Music

– Death and dying.

– Looking back from 95.


The ScammerCast podcast.

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Curtis R. Bailey
Huffman Law Offices, P.C.
Shiloh, Illinois 

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