Easy phone video tips for family block buster movies, w/John Daly.

You have a powerful movie camera in your hand each day with your smart phone. Learn the video  basics that will make your family and legacy video’s block buster movies. Episode 49.

In this episode, Jim welcomes John Daly, who was in Episode 45 of Informed not Inflamed. John is a journalist and media interpreter with two travel-themed web shows, Undercover Jetsetter and Undercover Foodie. In addition to his media work, he also co-authored the book, The TV Studio in your Hands.  Listen as John shares the premise of his web shows, tips and tricks you can use to shoot clear, high quality videos, and why you do NOT need an expensive camera for your personal and professional videos.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  01:45 – Introduction of John Daly to the show

  02:00 – John has 2 web shows that he records with an iPhone: Undercover Jetsetter and Undercover Foodie

  02:34 – John and his co-host/business partner, Susan Anzalone, decided to use an iPhone   because of its special camera features

o  02:55 – There are so many things they can do with an iPhone

o  03:02 – It also keeps the costs low

  03:13 – They started with Undercover Foodie until they were asked to create another show             which led to Undercover Jetsetter

  03:34 – Susan’s work experience including her time with Disney

  03:48 – John and his co-host wrote a book that is easy to follow for someone who wants to shoot their vacation videos

  04:20 – Doing UnderCover Jetsetter is hard work, but John enjoys traveling

o  04:37 – “If you want to get rid of your bias, go travel the world and see other people, see     other points of view”

  04:48 – Susan is an expert in traveling, food, and restaurants

  05:03 – John is a certified bartender; he’s creative himself when it comes to creating drinks

  05:15 – UnderCover Jetsetter has different recipes you can try out, making you feel like a                        jetsetter yourself

o  05:30 – It’s not just a travel show, but can add an element of fun to your life

  06:00 – When John and Susan do interviews, they’re use an internal microphone that they                       plug into their phone

o  06:24 – You can use external microphones for shooting action or beauty shots

o  06:47 – The iPhone mic is okay but it can pick up wind

  07:07 – The iPhone has a light and aperture feature that can control the light for your                               videos.

o  07:26 – John tries to shoot in the daylight as much as possible

o  07:43 – “Always make sure that the sun is behind you when you’re shooting somebody”

o  07:50 – Dusk and dawn is the BEST time to shoot videos

o  08:00 – The worst time to shoot is at noon

o  08:20 – John shows how you can sit in front of a window and use the window light to                                 illuminate your shot

o  08:46 – iPhone’s camera is really good now

  09:20 – You can get eternal light, but it’s not really necessary

  09:25 – Get a tripod to hold the camera steady

o  09:37 – iPhone 7 camera has a built-in steadying feature

o  09:53 – A gyro camera holder can make your iPhone stabilize

  10:20 – It’s quite difficult for John to keep the phone steady with a selfie stick

o  10:42 – John suggests a way that you can use the selfie stick effectively

  11:16 – It’s better to use the tripod for the iPhone if you’re doing Facebook live

  11:50 – John thinks iPhones are a bit better than android phones, but android works fine                       too.

  12:50 – In shooting videos, make sure that your frame is at 30 frames per second

o  13:01 – You should also be at 1080p

  13:10 – With new iPhones, you can shoot with 4K which is a higher resolution for a video

o  13:30 – 4k is for your TV settings

o  13:49 – The only problem is it takes up too much memory from your phone

o  14:30 – Make sure have more iCloud storage

  15:23 – John and Susan use Dropbox to organize their videos

  17:21 – “When you’re shooting, you need to think about how you’re editing and what you’re                     doing”

  17:30 – John shoots like he’s editing

o  17:40 – Always shoot in landscape

o  17:58 – Don’t move while you’re shooting

o  18:08 – Shoot wide

  18:14 – John shares a sample scenario of a beauty shoot

o  18:48 – John can duplicate and edit the shoot in iMovie easily

o  19:24 – Even if you transfer the photo from the iPhone, it’s still clear and crisp in quality

  19:30 – Shoot wide so you can get more videos, while still staying safe

o  19:42 – Some people get into accidents or worst, die from shooting vacation videos                                    because they’re not paying attention

  20:08 – In the Undercover Foodie shoot, John had set up the phone on a tripod while                               shooting food on a wide setting

  20:46 – Instead of zooming in, John suggests to move a few steps closer if you want to get a                    closer shot

  22:16 – Try to keep videos 10-20 seconds

o  22:56 – iPhone will move with you so move slow

o  24:34 – One of the big No-Nos in videography is moving too much

o  24:42 – Videos have to be watchable

  24:51 – People can also go wrong with lighting

o  25:04 – Make sure the light is shining on your back

  25:22 – The third thing to be mindful of while shooting is that windy sound you pick up

  26:34 – Editing can be brutally difficult, especially for first timers

o  26:48 – “If you really want to edit, take 10 hours and edit”

o  26:54 – It will have tons of mistake but if you can’t really take it after 10 hours, find a                                teenager in your family to do it for you

o  27:26 – If you have the aptitude, courage and will—you can do it!

o  27:43 – You can find people on Fiverr to edit videos for you

  28:25 – Find John at UndercoverJetsetter.com to access excerpts from the show

o  28:38 – The show is being carried by TikiLive which is under subscription

o  28:53 – There’s also TikiLive on cable

  29:09 – Twitter handle is @UCFoodieTV, Facebook: UndercoverJetsetter

  29:23 – Some excerpts are on YouTube

  30:38 – John and Susan’s book is The TV Studio in your Hands which is in print and digital

o  30:50 – It’s something that you can read before going on vacation or you can use the ideas                      for your business

o  31:09 – There’s a lot of tips that you can modify to make it work for you

  31:37 – “You’ve literally got the power in your hands to communicate with the rest of the                           world”

                31:42 – John wishes for people to communicate with love and knowledge

3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t need an expensive camera to take great videos, an iPhone camera is an excellent tool for you to capture the videos you need.
  2. Create videos that are watchable and that keep people’s attention to the very end.
  3. Communicate your content with love and knowledge.

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