Take inspired action, see the unseeable, achieve the improbable. Ep. 53

Who else wants to hear God’s voice, take inspired action, prosper through trouble, see the unseeable, capture the intangible and achieve the improbable? You may be inspired and have a new vision after this episode!

Jim Enright interviews Paul D. Johnson, host of the God Zone Show podcast. Paul shares his beliefs about God and firmly expresses that God loves everyone, irrespective of their faith. He discusses what it is like to walk in relationship with Him in the ebbs and flows of our lives.

Paul discusses how God’s hand is evident is moments where we take inspired action that is beyond our talents and capabilities. He also explains how a relationship with God should NOT be solely based around him being the source that fulfills all our needs.

He also shares with listeners how he and his wife started the charity, The Jesus Blanket, while coming across a homeless man who was cold.

Tune-in and listen to this sprightly baby-boomer share some great spiritual insights that can expand your life and faith today!

Show Notes:

    02:08 – Today’s guest, Paul Johnson runs his own podcast, God Zone Show which teaches you to hear God’s voice, take inspired action, prosper through trouble, see the unseeable, capture the intangible and achieve the improbable

    03:00 – God loves everyone irrespective of our faith; his love for us does is lessened when we mess up at times

    03:23 – Some fortunate few are able to hear God’s voice; yet there are others who are able to see signposts

o      03:55 – A sudden burst of inspiration beyond one’s abilities is evidence of God’s existence

o      04:36 – Interaction with God is not limited to moments of crisis; you can interact with him everyday

    05:57 – Firmly believes that God’s message can be found irrespective of the faith; a man of science, John finds the underlying logic in the Bible quite appealing

    06:27 – Everyone is free to DISCOVER their own God; not logic, but a supernatural encounter will tell you if you are on the right track

    07:57 – Have a relationship with God; do not structure your relationship solely on the basis of having your desires fulfilled

    08:26 – John was suffering from a serious ailment related to his aorta and jugular vein; his wife reached out to God and miraculously, this ailment disappeared

o      09:20 – Does not mean to say that God will come to your help in every moment of distress; God’s ways are mysterious

    09:39 – Strongly believes that if we are facing a crisis or a tragedy, God will help us find our way out of it

    09:59 – Constant conversation with God helps him understand his direction; points out that God’s direction is ALWAYS in alignment with the Bible

    12:14 – God does not always send us on the easiest path; he wants us to prosper through difficulty

    13:13 – Try to do difficult things; if you are doing things that are well within your capabilities and talents, you are not thinking BIG enough

    13:53 – The origins of Jesus Blanket

o      14:00 – Knowing that his wife loves blankets, Paul brought her a $50 blanket

o      14:18 – While driving back home Paul’s wife came across a homeless man out in the cold; rolling down her car window, she handed him the blanket

o      15:07 – Upon hearing this story, Paul set the ball rolling for their charity, Jesus Blanket, which has donated thousands of blankets to date

    16:35 – Being intangibles, it is hard to explain love, friendship and the voice of God

    17:45 – Go after the improbable things; God deals with improbable and the impossible

o      19:18 – Think BIG and seek to realize the AMAZING

    19:58 – Harness God’s love to deal with difficult relatives; be generous instead of being cruel

    21:33 – Paul shares the idea behind 10 Godzone Elements

o      22:09 – 1. Achieve the amazing 2. Living with an inspired purpose, and 3. Prospering through trouble

    25:46 – At 71, he is still a bundle of energy; wants to be able to work till the very end and not suffer at all

    27:11 – Connect with Paul on this website, email or Facebook

    28:01 – Key Takeaway: Think Big. If you are in a space where you need God’s help, that is what you should step into

    29:16 – Jim Enright’s sign-off message: Be stellar, and live life lively

    29:25 – Spread the word with your baby boomer friends in person and on Facebook—Teach them how to listen to podcasts and how to subscribe

3 Key Points:

1.       God loves everyone irrespective of their faith; his love for us does not lessen when we mess up at times.

2.       Hang on to the intangibles like love, friendship and God’s love that give you pleasure, but cannot be bought in a store.

3.       Think BIG—if you are in a space where you need God’s help, that is what you should step into.

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