A Physicians Perspective on Patients and Healing w/Dr. Chris Segler. Ep. 58

In this episode Dr. Chris Segler speaks of his experience as a physician working in a traditional practice that accepts health insurance, and why he switched to a private practice that does not accept insurance, and why this is better for both the patient and the doctor.

He also explains why when out of network, you are only paying for the surgical fee and not the operating room or anesthesiology.

Dr. Chris Segler is a podiatrist in San Francisco and known as the Doc On The Run. He has completed several marathons and is a 15-time Ironman Triathlon finisher with a personal best of 10:59:07. 

  • For runners, the issue is “how do I keep running when I am injured?”
    • Stop running is not an acceptable answer.
  • The physicians perspective on patients and healing.
    • How trained.
    • Managed care.
  • The Government is already deciding the type of care you will get.
  • Physicians are trained to fix problems, not make you healthy.
  • How insurance companies influence physician decisions.
  • Insurance will influence the procedures that are recommended.
    • Only the options that insurance will pay for recommended.
  • There may be better procedures that are not covered by insurance.
    • You can pay for the better procedures if you know your choices.
  • Ask “is there a better procedure not covered by insurance you would recommend?”
  • How do we protect ourselves in non-private practices?
    • Get the doctor to slow down.
    • Be prepared with questions before you go.
    • Take someone with you who understands your questions.
  • Research “alternative treatments to__________.”
  • The patient’s challenge is to extract the best knowledge from the physician.
  • Know in advance how you will determine the successful cure of your issue. Is it “no pain” or is it “able to exercise as before.”
  • What you pay for in No Insurance Accepted Practices:
    • Operating Room – Accept all insurances.
    • Surgical Fee – you will pay this.
    • Anesthesia – Accept all insurances.
  • Music
  • Death and Dying
  • Final Takeaway

Contact Dr. Segler at https://www.docontherun.com/

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