The Story …

Jim E  (15)

Planet BoomerVille is about…

Experiences that make life stellar:

– Friends and community.
– Travel and adventure – back yard, national, or foreign.
– Music. Lot’s of it.
– Maintaining brain health and agility.
– Staying physically healthy.
– Deepening personal and family relationships.
– Personal legacy (not money).
– New beginnings, 2nd half’s, and final thirds.
– Technology – using what we have better.
– And, God and money will slip in.

All so that we live and stay lively as we watch our children and grandchildren grow up. And if we are so fortunate, perhaps meet our great grandchildren.

We will shine a light on those people, Baby Boomers or not, who are innovating and making a difference.

Any maybe, there will be….much much more.

The Story …

Once upon a time Harry Dent wrote a book, and in it, he wrote about the coming wave of “baby boomers” and the impact they would have on the economy and world.

After reading the book and reflecting, it occurred to me that I was one of those baby boomers.

Though I was thoroughly involved in business, parenthood, and life, I thought, “it sure would be nice to play a roll to that mass of humanity, of which I am one of them.”

And I filed that thought away in a compartment in my mind.

Suddenly I’m 65, and I just had my 40th birthday party with Sherman and the Blazers playing in my garage.  Oh well, better than dead or unhealthy.

My kids grew up. Wow.

From all the parenting trials, tribulations, and doubts, to now see nice young adults. Guess we didn’t do so bad after all. My kids makes me smile.

My marriage has had joys and struggles as 36 years of life has rolled by. More good times than not. 

For a time, I was in the music business. I imported and distributed collector, New Wave, Heavy Metal, and Rock and Roll albums from Japan, England, Holland, France, Australia, and Germany. Traveled to most of those country’s also.

We were in the midst of the American New Wave movement. We distributed Rhino Records, The Residents, The B-52’s, Windham Hill, and so many more emerging artists and indy labels. It was a fun time to be newly married, childless, and living the dream.

At times life reminded me of body surfacing on Topsail Island, and catching the seemingly perfect wave, just to be slammed to the sandy bottom.

Started one of the first mortgage broker businesses in NC. We had crashes and triumphs as the economy went, and ultimately crashed. It was an amazing company. We were a two time INC Magazine 500 winner.

But that was in a past life.

For longer that I would like to admit,  I felt as if I was sleep walking through the valley of the shadow of despair. It was a dark hopeless time. Glad to have exited that segment.

Love technology and new ideas and went into the webinar business. We were going to revolutionize the customer experience and transparency when buying and borrowing with video and screen sharing. Learned quite a few lessons about technology and being on the bleeding edge.

Focused full time back into my roots in the mortgage and home buying and refinancing business as a Loan Advisor with a great local company. I am really good at this. (Commercial break: I lend anywhere in N.C. And, I know the best realtors in the Triangle if you need an introduction.)

Thoughts of “the boomer wave” continued to drift through my mind in quiet moments throughout the years.

We downsized our home of 36 years. Was both painful and exciting.

Memories of David and Katies first steps, play groups, and emotions washed over us. Not to mention the physical accumulation of those years.

Our first grand child arrived. It is truly awesome. I went back to all my friends who had raved about their grandkids as my eyes glazed and I thought “really?”, and sincerely apologized and asked them to tell me more stories.

The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down
You can’t let go and you can’t hold on
You can’t go back and you can’t stand still
If the thunder don’t get you then the lightning will

I continued to reflect. Is this how my life turns out? Am I living it now?

It could be…and that would not be bad….but, there should be a next great life adventure.

What would impact people positively, be fun, profitable, and location independent?

Prior influences of Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach; Dan S. Kennedy, and MaryEllen Tribby of Working Moms Only, have been swirling in the recesses of my mind.

These were cross pollinated with youngster entrepreneurs in the podcast world – Ryan Hanley, Pat Flynn, Andrew Warner, and John Lee Dumas.

A cloudy vision began to emerge.
A podcast platform.

My vision went wild with ideas.
Doubt and over analysis crept in.
Then, focused back to keep it simple… and… just start.

Time is finite now. I’m going to Live Life Lively my remaining years. 

I’m going to live in full color
I’m going to spread my wings and fly

How about you?