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Reminder of the Fraility of Life

Once again I was reminded of the frailty of life. Of the snatcher Lurking in the shadows of morning and breezes of the day As the night falls Appearing in unsuspected moments In the brightest of times Ready to remove a loved one in a blink of the eye Bringing darkness and despair Grateful I […]

Revealing benefits of Multi-Generational Living That Will Surprise You.

 Ep. 55

Lisa Cini, an award-winning, senior living designer and founder of Best Living Tech is interviewed by Jim Enright. Lisa shares how the entire family can benefit from adopting the multi-generational way of living. She points out that while this has been the norm worldwide, families in United States have oscillated between decentralized living and multi-generational […]

How To Make Your Marriage Thrive and Not Shut Down. Ep 54

Jim Enright interviews Stuart Fensterheim, a counselor specializing in couples therapy. Failure to care about a partner’s needs leads to arguments, pain, frustration and could eventually lead to a relationship’s demise. Stuart shares how couples can build and repair their relationship to truly lead a happy life. He discusses the value of accessing outside help […]

Work disrupted? 5 Tips to bounce back faster and higher. Ep. 52

Jim Enright interviews John Livesay, baby boomer, keynote speaker, author and podcast host. John’s long stint at Conde Nast ended abruptly when he was asked to leave in the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis. Instead of cowering and giving up—John rose to the occasion by reinventing himself so that he could stay relevant with […]

Legacy: Your Easy Guided Autobiography with Flora Brown. Ep. 50

In this episode, Jim interviews Flora Brown—author, speaker, publishing coach and guided autobiography facilitator. Flora conducts guided workshops, structured on the philosophies of the famous Dr. Jim Birren, (be sure to read the eulogy to Jim B.) to assist baby boomers through the process of creating and sharing their life stories. The heart of this […]

Family Legacy-The Lost Art of Writing Heartfelt Letters. Ep 48.

You remember receiving letters from your parents and other loved ones. Perhaps you still have them in a box. Listen, and be reminded, as Lynette Smith, author of “How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure,” walks through the reasons to write, how to write with purpose, and the family legacy you can create with letters. […]

Understanding how scammers scam us w/Curtis Bailey. Ep. 47

Clever scammers rob billions from innocent people, including our parents, and yes, perhaps even us. Learn the tricks and emotional buttons they push to cause smart people to open their bank accounts. – 43 of 44 scams not reported. – Where do scammers come from?     – Most in our back yard.     […]

Learn How to Interpret Media Bias w/John Daly. Ep. 45

We live in a biased world. Media outlets all have their own bias. Print publications do too. Much of the news is entertainment based, driven by declining profits. Learn as John Daly of www.InformedNotInflamed.com educates you as to the types of biases, where to find balanced information, and how to interpret what we hear and […]

Two New Binge Eating Breakthroughs w/Glenn Livingston. Ep. 44

Glenn Livingston is the author of the best selling book, Never Binge Again. Review Episode 21 for the foundation of this conversation. #1- Make a character commitment. -The opposition of will power and character building -Will power is a fatiguing muscle. -The solution – make a character commitment about the person you would like to […]

Greying and Grateful with Nicole Christina Ep. 43

Informative fact based interview on how our attitudes affect our positive aging and longevity. Nicole has excellent easy tips to ease into Greying and Grateful. – The Mindset – avoiding corniness. – The Harvard Study of Adult Development   – Principals behind Positive Aging   – We have more control over how we age than […]

Yoga insights & refresher for baby boomers. Ep.42

As we grew up, yoga was the new fad, and it is still going strong. Listen as yogi Michael Kohan, updates us on the benefits of yoga, how to select a good school and teacher, yoga etiquette, the social side, the end purpose of yoga, and much more. – Being a male in a female […]

Do you dream of passed-on relatives?

Been a very inspiring dream week for me. 1- Dreamed of Donna’s father who passed on a year ago. We were in the back yard and having a nice conversation. He was jovial and happy.  Also taller than in life. 2- Thursday morning I was speaking with a woman, shrouded and tall. We were having […]

What you must know about supplements w/Dr. Stephen Lewis. Ep. 41

Vitamin supplements are every where. How do you know their quality and effectiveness? Can you rely upon the big box stores and brands to deliver quality digestible supplements?  Listen as Dr. Stephen Lewis and wife Janet give a starting point to evaluate, explains the difference between pharmaceutical grade and over the counter, dives into independent […]

Comparing Boomer Income Ideas and Planet BoomerVille Ep. 37

Like the dueling banjo’s in Deliverance, Boomer Income Ideas and Planet Boomerville are two podcasts with very similar interests, yet differ in important ways. Dan Farnsworth, creator of Boomer Income Ideas, goal is to introduce you to innovative ideas that can supplement or replace your retirement savings. He dives into ways you can take advantage […]

Have a life adventure while you still can – Jim Palmer. Ep. 33.

Make decisions, but not “no decision” decisions. What happens when you “just say yes.” Downsizing to a big boat after 29 years in same home.  4 decision hinderances. You always know the right answer. And much much more. – His coaching clients asked him to write this book after giving story 3 times at his […]

Todd Tresidder Financial Mentor Unplugged and On a Roll. Ep. 32

Todd Tresidder shines a light on Financial Myths, Truth’s and Half-Truths, The Next Big Bubble, the financial reality for baby boomers, the math of advisor fees, generational financial changes, today’s current truth of “low cost passively managed index buy and hold”, and much much more. Approximate Show Notes The investment financial models and what is […]

You are not your thoughts with Suzy Rosenstein. Ep. 31

#Baby Boomers Beating MidLife Funk and Standing on the Ledge of the Regret Zone. Remembering your dreams of who you want to be. What would you do if you won the lottery? Fun and change provoking conversation with Suzy Rosenstein. – Feeling frustrated, stuck, and stagnant. (2:35) – Do people know they are in a funk? […]

Part 2 – If I had only asked 45 years ago. Ep. 28.

This is the follow through episode on visiting my Aunt Marilyn Kohn and recording  a video of Kohn Family history, beginning with her growing up, her parents, high school, college, meeting Uncle Rudy, meeting Grandma Mary Kohn and moving forward to today and what she is looking forward to. We recorded 12 segments from 9 […]

If I had only asked 45 years ago… Ep. 27

It was 45 years ago. I remember being at my Great Aunt Helen’s house and walking through it as a young 20 something. I wanted to ask about Great Uncle Johnny who had passed away 10+ years prior. He was a WW1 vet and entrepreneur. I choked though. I was afraid I would make her […]

How Your Money Type Impacts Your Life. With Jordan Goodman. Ep 024.

Understanding the why of past financial decisions will help you make better future decisions. Baby boomers, how are you doing in your finances right now? Are you happy where you are, sad, or wondering what happened? Author Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, explains the six money types, the influences that created this money type, […]

The simple way to break binge eating for baby boomers. Ep. 021.

For baby boomers with binge eating disorders, the real torture is the mental obsession with food that disrupts and controls life. The Big Food Industry has engineered food that pushes your genetic buttons. Industry and the media proclaims you can’t just stop binge eating. You must  heal your inner child and trauma’s of early life […]

How one person crashed, burned, reinvented and created two new companies. With Damion Lupo. Ep. 019.

Many baby boomers have experienced bankruptcy, foreclosure, business loss, divorce, humiliation, and other traumatic experiences. Those life events can become a personal identity that lingers for years, unless there is a process of introspection, re-wiring, and re-inventing. Our guest today, Damion Lupo, had great success in his twenties, only to crash and burn. He went […]

Ending of the first year and what the new year will bring. Ep 016.

Approximate Show Notes Gary Vaynerchuk validation of Planet BoomerVille’s Episode 15, Personal Manifesto. Year end ritual. Reflecting on the last year and planning for the new year. What I’ve learned from the first 15 episodes. What I have not mastered for Planet BoomerVille. Do you have an idea you have not launched? Upcoming themes for […]

Personal Manifesto – why. now. Ep. 015

We spoke with Marc Miller in Ep 014 about why and how to build your personal brand. Knowing yourself is the foundation of that. And the foundation of knowing yourself may be your Personal Manifesto. Check it out. Before you can personally brand, you must know yourself. The Vikings and Christopher Columbus… What is a […]

Reverse Mortgages and HECM’s – Outside of the Box uses as a retirement financial security Plan B. How to analyze. Part 3/3. Episode 11.

As Garcia and Hunter wrote, “when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door.” A HECM could be an off setting factor for your upcoming unknowns of 20-30+ years away. Be sure to listen to episodes 9 and 10 of this series for a foundational understanding. If you are 62 or approaching, […]

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey are reportedly fans of “BodyTalk”.

A BodyTalk practitioner offers no diagnosis or prescription, just a “rewiring” session using muscle testing and light tapping on the head and sternum to re-establish channels of communication within the body. Then the body will start functioning optimally again. Approximate Show Notes 1:46- The history of BodyTalk. 4:13- What is a balance? Diabetes. 9:56- Science […]

What Baby Boomers can learn from millennial financial bloggers with Elle Martinez of CoupleMoney. Ep 04.

Show Notes The CoupleMoney blog won the 2016 FinCon best family finance blog. This is an episode you may want to share with your adult children. All times are approximate. 2:20- Purpose of the CoupleMoney podcast. 2:32- The awkward money chat with your spouse. 4:30- Profile of CoupleMoney listeners. 5:20- The Big Question… 6:15-  The […]

Gaining clarity and moving to what’s next in your life. Ep: 02

Show Notes Applying wisdom and training from the book “If your life was a business, would you invest in it?” by John Eckblad and David Kiel, Jerry Bergner takes clients through the steps necessary for a more fulfilling life, job, or dream. Episode High Lights 5:45 ish – Resistance to coaching and the benefits. 7:54 […]

Your remaining time is finite. How will you spend it? Ep: 1

Show Notes Reluctantly accepting this time of life. What will you do with your remaining time? How do we not wither on the vine? The main areas Planet BoomerVille will cover. Is a dream still haunting you? Death and dying. The life celebration. What to expect from the shows. A Smilin’ Ears moment. Big Idea […]