Reminder of the Fraility of Life

Once again I was reminded of the frailty of life.

Of the snatcher
Lurking in the shadows of morning
and breezes of the day
As the night falls

Appearing in unsuspected moments
In the brightest of times

Ready to remove a loved one
in a blink of the eye

Bringing darkness and despair

Grateful I am for the intervening mercies
that the snatcher was averted.

I am  ever thankful to God and
reminded that our moments together
are the so cliched gift.

Thankful for a new day to appreciate and
savor the ones I love.

Do you dream of passed-on relatives?

Been a very inspiring dream week for me.

1- Dreamed of Donna’s father who passed on a year ago. We were in the back yard and having a nice conversation. He was jovial and happy.  Also taller than in life.

2- Thursday morning I was speaking with a woman, shrouded and tall. We were having a conversation…or she was telepathically imparting thoughts to me in a room.

When I awoke, I had the realization that it was Mom. Felt so happy. First time I recall hearing from Mom in a dream.

3- This morning, was on a dense wooded and foggy hillside. Special Forces all around. They shined their gun flashlights. I slid down a big hill as cows were behind me and watching. Maybe chasing me.

I was then in a nice older home. I was speaking with a man, taller than me. We were having a funny animated conversation. As we spoke, I realized it was my Grandpa Thomas Enright (RIP 1984).
He was also taller than life.

A lady walked in. She had a semi mask or painting on the left side of her face. It was reddish. Very tasteful design. We were all speaking and laughing and having a time.

I realized it was my Great Aunt Helen, (RIP 1988ish). We were going to get into her classic Mercedes Benz (don’t remember the year but must have been a ’60’s model) and drive to her house. Grandpa did not want us to go. It was funny exchange. I awoke.

Dreams of my family loved ones leave me so happy and hopeful that we are still connected.

Next dreams I am awaiting are brother David, Grandma Enright, Grandma Cronshey, Grandpa Cronshey, and Uncle Rudy.