Been a very inspiring dream week for me.

1- Dreamed of Donna’s father who passed on a year ago. We were in the back yard and having a nice conversation. He was jovial and happy.

2- Thursday morning I was speaking with a woman, shrouded and tall. We were having a conversation…or she was telepathically imparting thoughts to me in a room.

When I awoke, I had the realization that it was Mom. Felt so happy. First time I recall hearing from Mom in a dream.

3- This morning, was on a dense wooded and foggy hillside. Special forces all around. They shined their gun flashlights. I slid down a big hill as cows were behind me and watching. Maybe chasing me.

I was then in a nice older home. I was speaking with a man, taller than me. We were having a funny animated conversation. As we spoke, I realized it was my Grandpa Thomas Enright (RIP 1984).

A lady walked in. She had a semi mask or painting on the left side of her face. It was reddish. Very tasteful design. We were all speaking and laughing and having a time.

I realized it was my Great Aunt Helen, (RIP 1988ish). Aunt Helen and I were going to get into her classic Mercedes Benz (don’t remember the year but must have been a ’60’s model) and drive to her house. Grandpa did not want us to go. It was funny exchange. I awoke.

Dreams of my family loved ones leave me so happy and hopeful that we are still connected.

Next dreams I am awaiting are brother David, Grandma Enright, Grandma Cronshey, Grandpa Cronshey, and Uncle Rudy.